5 Primal Fears

1. Extinction

2. Mutilation

3. Loss of Autonomy

4. Separation

5. Ego-Death

With what we are experiencing right now...

1. Extinction: Ceasing to exist- this can be heightened right now as we are experiencing a worldwide virus.

2. Separation: Mandatory social isolation, this can feel very uncomfortable for people.

3. Ego-death: Well, we are facing our deep seated fears of death and separation, whether we are aware of it or not- this can cause the ego to break down due to facing its fear in the mirror. Big questions start to arise- thats uncomfortable.

Be patient with yourself and others.

Remember we are in this together.

yes, this shit sucks and there is potential for growth. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/brainsnacks/201203/the-only-5-fears-we-all-share


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