Befriending the Primal: Ownership

Befriending the Primal: Learning to play with my sexual energy rather than letting it play me. Taking Ownership.

As I’ve shared in this series before the past year has been a walk down memory lane in regards to my sexual energy.

How I have chosen to view it

How I have chosen to use it

Exploring where my sexual energy has been playing me due to repressed/ unowned anger from past experiences.

Although I have spent this time with a boundary around physical penetration, I have been exploring three very specific themes that have repeated themselves over the years through different people & experiences.

Shame & Control

Uncontrollable Sexual Hunger

Emotional Avoidance

Let me break down the first category and describe how it relates to repression & my sexual energy.

1. Shame & Control:

Due to unresolved anger/ resentment / shame from being raped when I was younger, I had a tendency to be drawn to experiences where I could live out my repression through another.

Since I was an individual who tends to direct violence towards myself rather than others ( a pact I made with myself after years of lashing out in my younger days ) I was drawn to individuals who carried similar shame patterns that would act out on others.

An example:

Person A: Individual who acts out on others

Person B: Individual who acts on self

What this looked like:

Person A: becomes triggered by a perceived loss of control, in order to regain control ( due to not being able to speak needs vulnerably ) manipulation is used.

Person B: Notices what is occurring and reacts in a few ways, allows the manipulation or speaks to the behavior pattern playing out

( Cue trauma responses of both parties )

Person A: Becomes defensive ( Fight response )

Person B: Becomes triggered due to feeling dismissed/ unheard ( sometimes this person is coming from vulnerability or sometimes a triggered state- freeze response ).

Person A: Uses guilt as a way to secure silence

Person B: Due to fawning/ people pleasing patterning becomes confused & silences self ( does not want to be rejected or abandoned ).

Since Person B is repressing the shame and anger within, Person A is the perfect match to mirror that repressed shame & highlight control patterns because Person A is an individual who has patterns of projecting the shame and control onto another rather owning it.

This is an example of how I have allowed my own repression & shame of my sexual energy find attraction to individuals whom have their own patterning of unowned sexual shame and control to highlight my repressed shame and control.

** Now, this may not be the case for all dynamics- this is something I have observed within my own life **


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