Creating a New Foundation

Hey loves!

I will temporarily be off social media in order to create a new foundation for how I want to present my writing, art and expression.

With all that is occurring in the world right now, I am wanting to take the time to allow for more of my authentic creative expression to emerge.

I realized a big part of my self discovery process involves a level of detachment and destruction in order for the evolution of creativity to continue to move through me. That is what is occurring right now. I decided to let go of my past expression as Ka Luna Ki Ato as this aspect of myself was created to assist my healing journey with sexual trauma.

Ka Luna will still be the name I share my experimental art and stories from. I recognize this aspect to be my creative muse yet this is not the entirety of my expression.

I also acknowledge that much of the foundation I built my writing and art from was not as inclusive as I’d like it to be and I am working with a mentor to help integrate inclusivity into the Foundation of my art form.

I am not sure exactly the timeframe of this creative process yet am looking forward to how it unfolds.

Thank you for your patience 🙏🏼❤️


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