Fam Bam!

Things will be changing on this page. I will be shedding the persona of Ka Luna to embrace my roots. I will be transitioning back to my birth name Ashley.

I will continue with sharing the Primal Teachings, Sound Experiments & Storytelling. It will be presented in a different way than before.

I wanted a solid foundation for my work to be built on and I realized that is not exactly how I had been creating.

I have been on my own healing journey and much of this work has unfolded along that process, sometimes impulsive ;) sometimes intentional. Now, I want intention only.

The Values I am settling in to for the next phase of my expression

  • Transparency (Honesty)

  • Authenticity (Vulnerability)

  • Willingness (Courage)

  • Inclusivity (Diversity)

  • Creativity (Expression)

  • Social Justice

  • Dedication (devotion)

  • Self Responsibility

  • Community Service

more to come... thank you for your patience as this maturation process occurs.

Ashley 😻


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