Primal Fears & Primal Instinct

Primal Instinct: Self Preservation

Primal Fear: Death/ Extinction

Due to the circumstances occurring in the world right now with the Corona Virus- our innate and core instinct is activated.

When this occurs our limbic & nervous systems become extremely affected by this heighten state of fear arousal.

This is a very helpful system that alerts us when danger is present & kicks on the adrenaline to survive threat at all costs.

While this is part of our survival system, this state tends to be hyper focused and can hijack our body & mind.

If people are unaware this process is taking place and don’t take the steps to self regulate/ co regulate- this can be a very scary space.

It will feel very overwhelming.

Aggression may be present.

This can be taken out on self or other.

It’s important to remember we are in this together.

We are not alone.

If you are experiencing a heightened state of survival & you notice this state of self preservation present- pause, observe & take a deep breath.

Creating a small moment of space inbetween the waves of intensity allows for your body to communicate its needs.

If you need support, ask for help.

The foundation of security and safety is being questioned.

This is an intense fear. It may be painful. The body may want to reject this feeling. If you choose to breathe through it the best you can- this is facing that fear head on.

Call on COURAGE to help you be with this fear & know this fear is valid.

Reality is changing. Can you call in curiosity to help lighten the intensity?

Embrace the inner storm & you can face the outer storm.

We are in the depth of a worldwide death and rebirth.

This is challenging for the ego.

Be patient with yourself & others.

Honor the grief & sorrow.

We got this.


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