Primal Realizations

I have been exploring the history of my roots and why I started this journey with the Primal work I have been doing. I am learning this entire process has been extremely important as it has been connecting me to my ancestral lineage and the traditions of my ancestors which is something that I lost connection to when I started exploring New Age spirituality.

Here is what I am learning:

  • The primal work that I have been doing is related to developing the senses, deepening ones connection to their intuition and instincts and focusing on strengthening relationship to nature.

  • The primal work involves both sensuality and sexuality. These are only aspects of the work, not the main purpose of it.

  • The word primal has a history and that history involves oppression, violence, control and murder.

  • The word primal was used as a way for colonizers to justify their actions of violence towards a group of people they deemed “inferior”. This lead to a narrative that associates the words primal, animal, and wild with being uncontrollable, destructive, dangerous. This takes the humanity out of a group of people. This creates a dynamic where those with power can act in a way that hurts this group of people without consequence due to these people being deemed “wrong” or “bad” due to their culture and religious beliefs. This narrative has not only a negative impact on the group of people labeled primal or savage, it also has a negative impact on the group of people promoting this narrative. When you label someone an “other” and take away their humanity, a part of you dies along with it. You are allowing a part of your humanity to die by refusing another their humanity. In this case, the primal aspect of an individual who follows the colonized narrative will fear that primal, wild, and animal part of themselves. They will do everything in their power to hide this part of themselves and the truth is you can’t. You can’t ignore the fact you are a mammal. You can’t ignore the fact you have instincts you act from.

  • The primal is our nature. It is our connection to earth, to our roots. In order for someone to remain present through the evolution of consciousness- it is important we are connected to our roots or we run the risk of losing our humanity and forgetting others in the process which is what we are seeing right now in our world.

  • The mind can be easily influenced, especially through times of crisis and change, so having awareness of our intuition and instincts is extremely important.

That’s all I got right now, I’m exploring this topic at a much deeper perspective and will continue to share what I learn.


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